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Best free Lightroom presets in 2020: 65 presets for portraits, landscapes and more

25. Skyfall

While it has nothing to do with James Bond, it has everything to do with pale pink skies and low contrast – so these Skyfall textures can give a soft subtlety to your images. They work well with a number of genres, but are particularly suited to landscape shots. 

Download Skyfall

26. Grain and Film

For anyone looking to add that filmic effect to their pictures, look no further than ON1's Grain and Film pack. These are wonderfully easy options for adding noise and texture to your images without it being overbearing.

Download Grain and Film

27. High Tide

These High Tide effects look gorgeous when applied to bright, summery photos. Combine them with your seaside images, sunburst shots and sandy beach photographs for a warm, fresh finish.

Download High Tide 

28. Vintage Film

In the age of Instagram filters and Polaroid-style photos, there's never been a better time for a vintage film preset that replicates the same kind of effect. This one is a particularly strong effort and adds a wonderful tonality to your images.

Download Vintage Film 

29. Landscape Vibrations 

Landscapes often need more pep, more contrast and more clarity. Knowing when enough is enough is the hard part, but Landscape Vibrations can help with that. It's a quality start point for such effects and these presets are suitable for so many other kinds of images.

Download Landscape Vibrations 

30. Autumn Color boost

In many ways autumn is pretty, but in other ways, it can be kind of bleak. The skies become greyer and the temperature drops. Well, you needn't worry about that side of the season anymore; this preset is perfect for keeping the yellow, red and brown tones popping in your images, while negating the dreary grey. 

Download Autumn Color boost 

31. No Man Before Travel presets

If you're hoping to show your friends and families all the places you've been on holiday, you need these free Lightroom presets. Perfectly designed for getting the best out of your travel shots, they add a pretty glow to your images.

Download No Man Before Travel presets 

32. Beautiful Sunrise

When captured well, a sunrise can prove to be the most beautiful shot in your portfolio. This preset can help to boost it just that little further with added saturation, brightness and clarity to boot.

Download Beautiful Sunrise

33. Mensch Maschine

(Image credit: Free Lightroom Presets)

The Mensch Maschine preset gives you nice deep blacks and beautifully bright highlights, ensuring punchy images with plenty of contrast. For lovers of vintage tones, this preset has a beautiful green cast that comes out particularly strongly in nature photos. 

Download Mensch Maschine

34. Light Leak presets

If you don't fancy shooting Lomography style, or risking dirt getting into your camera by shooting while freelensing, these light leak presets create a lovely splash of colour and brightness in your images, and look great in a bright, summery scene.

Download Light Leak presets

35. Forgiveness X100

This preset seeks no forgiveness, but unapologetically sets out to "add a little bit of moody drama to landscape," with the results not quite black-and-white but with a similar level of intensity.

Download Forgiveness X100

36. Blood Sugar

(Image credit: Free Lightroom Presets)

Filled with bright, punchy oranges, intense blues and muted, cool-toned greens, this versatile preset can be used on landscapes, portraits, still life photos and more for a bold, unique and stylized look. 

Download Blood Sugar

37. Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland preset on ON1's website is perfect for bringing a chilly snap into sharp focus. It ups the clarity, fixes the contrast and gives a vivid feel to your final image.   

Download Winter Wonderland 

38. Let's Get Lost

When it comes to toning your images with a sense of social media adventure, the Let's Get Lost preset is great for a once-over. It turns landscapes and lifestyle images into hipster-style shots and it's very versatile.   

Download Let's Get Lost 

39. Dark Presets

Brightness is all well and good, but sometimes it needs toning down. That's where these 10 darker presets come in. Great for dramatic scenes, but also a necessary tool in tone control, making it a useful tool for moody landscapes.

Download Dark Presets

40. Night Vision

(Image credit: Free Lightroom Presets)

A beautiful minimalist sepia preset, Night Vision is the perfect complementary tool for your landscape photography. Pair this preset with cloudy, overcast skies and dramatic shadows to witness photographic perfection bloom. 

Download Night Vision

41. Polar PX - Rough

This effect will create worn, vintage-brown casts to overlay on your pictures, without losing any color. They're great for achieving a grungy effect to exaggerate textures, and work with any photo – though it lends itself brilliantly to landscapes.

Download Polar PX - Rough

42. Helene In Between Lightroom Presets

This set of presets gives a beautiful balmy haze to your outdoor images. The blues become a little more cyan, while the yellows soften up nicely. It's great for your beach and city shots, especially with a little kiss of sun.

Download Helene In Between Lightroom Presets 

43. Cinematic HDR

HDR presets are some of the most popular and readily available online, but these ones are particularly good for their clarity and contrast. Apply them to your landscape photographs to get them to their best.

Download Cinematic HDR

44. High Contrast

There's much more to monochrome than just desaturating your pictures, as this excellent black-and-white preset makes clear. Beautiful clarity and strong contrast add serious drama here, and applied to landscape shots it creates a striking effect.

Download High Contrast

45. PRO Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets

BeArt created this preset pack with travel and landscape photographs in mind. A powerful tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you’re a travel blogger or a landscape shooter, these presets will help shape your shots into vivid, beautiful images.

Download BeArt PRO Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets 

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