63 free Lightroom presets: The best presets for portraits, landscapes and more

 21. HDR preset

HDR is one of those things that divides people. Some find it slightly gimmicky, while others love the effect. This is a preset that can surely please both sides of the debate though, with its subtle toning and simple colour boosting. 

22. Autumn Color boost

In many ways autumn is pretty, but in other ways, it can be kind of bleak. The skies become greyer and the temperature drops. Well, you needn't worry about that side of the season anymore; this preset is perfect for keeping the yellow, red and brown tones popping in your images, while negating the dreary grey. 

 23. Intense Warm

Intense Warm does exactly what you might expect it to, but the great thing about it is that it retains a sense of subtlety that can easily get lost in a vibrant, slightly orange image. This is a great start point for a thorough, summery edit.  

 24 Grace preset

This Grace preset by Silky Presets is adept at lightening shadows without washing out your picture with a lack of contrast. It's refined, controlled and a good effect to use on a portrait.   

25. Summer Breeze LR pack

This pack, which contains Beach Vintage, Light of Dawn, Pop Sunshine and Sun Glare options, provides idyllic summer effects. With added warmth and soft glow, these are ideal for your sunshine shots. 

26. High Contrast

There's more to monochrome than just desaturating your pictures, as this excellent black-and-white preset makes clear. amazing black-and-white preset. Beautiful clarity and strong contrast add drama here.

27. Instant Hipster

Vintage culture has brought back some pretty filters from the depths of instant cameras, and this pack of presets has some great options for turning your shots retro. These ones are based on actual Instagram filters, too.

 28. Lavender Lomo 

Who doesn't love a classic Lomography filter? This one has a neat purple tint for giving an extra warm vignette to your pictures.

29. Blondies and Brunettes

The 50s were a time where vibrant colour mixed with subtler hues of orange and brown, in posters, fashion and photography. This preset pack brilliantly demonstrates this, with plenty of pin-up-style options for your shots.

30. Warm Retro

Warmth can be tricky to add to your pictures. Too much and you run the risk of an orange overdose, but too little can make your images look washed out. Luckily, this is a preset that fits just between the two. 

31. Free Lightroom presets for Fujifilm cameras

If you're a Fujifilm fantatic, then these presets are fantastic! These presets are especially designed for Fujifilm X-Series cameras, but they're also more than happy being used on images from other cameras.

32. No Man Before Travel presets

If you're hoping to show your friends and families all the places you've been on holiday, you need these free Lightroom presets. Perfectly designed for getting the best out of your travel shots, they add a pretty glow to your images.

33. We Eat Together Food photography presets

These are not just any presets: food always looks more appetising with a little contrast, vibrance and clarity applied, and these presets are good for making the scrumptious look truly mouthwatering.

34. Cole's Classroom presets

With added haze, crispness, summer and black-and-white presets included in this pack, Cole has covered all bases with a fun set of presets. Our personal pick? Big Bold Colour. Check them out.

35. Beautiful Sunrise

When captured well, a sunrise can prove to be the most beautiful shot in your portfolio. This preset can help to boost it just that little further with added saturation, brightness and clarity to boot.

36. Helene In Between Lightroom Presets

This set of presets give a balmy haze to your images. Blues become a little more cyan and yellows soften nicely. Great for your beach and city shots.

37. Skin Tone

All portraits need a little editing here and there, and skin can be one of the hardest things to edit. This preset does all the hard work for you.

38. Cinematic HDR

HDR presets are some of the most popular online, but these ones are particularly good for their clarity and contrast. Apply them to landscapes to get them to their best.

39. Silver Lining

If you're looking for a black-and-white preset but want to avoid high contrast, this glassy, silver lining preset might be just what you need. It takes the colour out of your photos and leaves a classy monochrome finish.