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What camera should I buy on Black Friday 2018?

Mid-range DSLRs: for those who want to step up

DSLRs with APS-C sensors sit at the more affordable end of the spectrum. In many cases they accept the same kinds of lenses that were used for film SLRs but manufacturers are still very much involved in releasing new and updated options. 

The ability to use such a range of lenses makes them ideal for an extensive range of applications, from macro and landscapes to portrait and sports. They also typically have much better battery life than mirrorless cameras and compacts at the same price point.

Pros: Lots of lens options, lightweight bodies and reliable image quality mean that they continue to be one of the most obvious choices for novice and enthusiast photographers. 

Cons: Only Canon, Nikon and Pentax are still producing these, so things tend to move slower here than they do elsewhere. In terms of value for money, mirrorless cameras generally manage to offer 

Great for: Anyone looking to take photography more seriously after using a smartphone or more basic compact camera. Also ideal for anyone who prefers to use a ‘real’ optical viewfinder, rather than an electronic version found on mirrorless cameras and compacts.