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What camera should I buy on Black Friday 2018?

Mirrorless cameras: the new breed

Mirrorless cameras range from small, light and affordable options through to models that can used in place of the very best DSLRs. They offer the same kinds of sensors as DSLRs, which means that most offer essentially identical image quality, and as there are so many more manufacturers involved, the range of cameras increases at a far faster pace than with DSLRs.

Pros: As a fast-developing sector with many participants, this is typically where we see many new technologies first appearing. Fierce competition has meant that you can now get excellent value for money across all levels, particularly if you require features like 4K video recording, which are missing from many DSLRs.

Cons: Many systems are still significantly smaller than DSLR lines from the likes of Canon, Nikon and Pentax, and you won’t have as wide a range of lenses to choose from. Battery life typically isn’t as good as on equivalent DSLRs, and there’s also the risk that some systems will be discontinued if they do not gain enough traction.

Great for: Those needing great image quality and portability, that prefer to have the ability to change lenses.

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