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What camera should I buy on Black Friday 2018?

Bridge cameras: the best of both worlds

Bridge cameras essentially bridge the gap between compacts and DSLRs. They combine relatively compact bodies with DSLR-like design, with a grip on one side and an electronic viewfinder. They’re typically much smaller than a typical DSLR, particularly when you consider how ambitious their lenses can be, and many examples are relatively inexpensive too.

Pros: Better handling than superzoom compacts and a massive zoom range. More expensive models may have 1in-type sensors, 4K video and generally more advanced feature sets, and some may een work with external accessories such as flashguns.

Cons: Most bridge cameras have relatively small sensors, so overall image quality won’t be up there with the typical DSLR or mirrorless camera (although in good light the differences are not significant), and the quality of electronic viewfinders can often be disappointing. Some of the finest cameras, while impressive, can also command four-figure prices. 

Ideal for: As with superzoom compacts, these are ideal for travels and holidays, perhaps those who frequently use the longer end of the lens and that needs more control over their results. 

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