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What camera should I buy on Black Friday 2018?

Superzoom compacts: ultimate travel companions

Superzoom compacts are similar to point-and-shoot compacts, only with a lens that can cover a great range of focal lengths. So, you’ll be able to zoom further to capture subjects far away, but still be able to capture wide-angle views. 

These cameras also typically offer more manual control over your image and video capture, so you can get more creative. Many now have electronic viewfinders too, as well as tilting LCD screens and 4K video. 

Pros: A huge zoom range means plenty of flexibility. Whether you want to capture everything right in front of you or pick out subjects in the distance, these types of cameras will let you go between these without fuss. Some are also small enough to squeeze into a roomy pocket.

Cons: Although there is one notable exception, these cameras typically still have small sensors, so they struggle to produce the same kind of image quality as enthusiast compacts, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. To be able to squeeze such a huge lens into a small body, you’ll also typically have a small aperture at the telephoto end of the the lens, which can be limiting.

Ideal for: Holidays and travelling, or just as general walkaround camera if you find yourself needing a long focal length with any frequency.