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What camera should I buy on Black Friday 2018?

Point-and-shoot cameras: great entry level devices

A black Sony Cyber-shot WX220 camera

‘Point-and-shoot’ is a label attached to small, relatively affordable cameras, typically with limited manual control. They are designed for those who just want to leave all the big decisions to to camera itself, rather than take charge over things like aperture, shutter speed and so on. 

This particular part of the camera market has taken a big hit from smartphones, which has caused manufacturers to focused their attention towards the pricier end of the camera spectrum, and leaving less choice. Still, there are good reasons for using these over smartphones, such as better handling and longer zoom ranges.

Pros: Small, affordable and relatively inexpensive, they’re great for when you just need something simple for general everyday snaps, where a smartphone may not do. The fact that they are so portable means you can take them where larger cameras may be more cumbersome.

Cons: They won’t perform as well in low light as more expensive cameras, partly because of the small sensor but also because the aperture of the lens will typically be small. They are often limited in terms of the control you have over images and video, and you won’t get things like a viewfinder or a proper grip for good handling.

Ideal for: Kids or anyone who find camera technology confusing.

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