The 50 best photography and camera accessories in 2019

38. Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit

Three-pronged approach to cleaning delicate parts of your kit

Contains: Lenspen Original Elite, FilterKlear Elite, MicroPro Elite, Microfibre pouch

Self-replenishing tips should mean they last for some time
Some may find three separate pens to be less convenient

With three separate LensPens bundled together, and a smart Microfiber pouch in which to store them, you can make sure to use the most appropriate tool for every cleaning task. From dealing with your lenses and filters through to the more challenging viewfinders, this kit has the right tool for every task.

39. VisibleDust Swablight Kit

Cleaning your sensor just got a whole lot easier with this clever kit

Works with: Separate kits for APS-C and full-frame cameras

A simple but clever solution to a real problem
Only four swabs included in the package

With a torch-like Swablight bundled with swabs and cleaning fluid, you can see precisely what you're dealing with when using this kit to sort out a dusty sensor. Indeed, N-Photo awarded it with its Best on Test award, mentioning that the result was "a flawless clean, with no streaks, no stains and no dust left behind."

40. Sigma Microfibre Cloth

This large, affordable cloth will polish up your screens and lenses in no time

Size: 31x31cm

Excellent quality cloth that's large enough for tablets
The white finish is arguably less practical than coloured alternatives

As effective as they are versatile, Microfibre cloths should be in everybody’s kit bag. Perfect for cleaning lenses to save you time cloning out spots or water droplets in post-processing, they can also easily remove smears from your camera's LCD screen or viewfinder.

41. Hahnel UniPal Extra

It charges your batteries and works as a powerbank too. Neat, right?

Charges: practically all 3.6V, 3.7V, 7.2V and 7.4V Li-ion batteries, AA batteries

Accepts a huge range different batteries 
Bigger than the chargers that come with DSLRs and CSCs as standard

This all-in-one power solution is perfect for photographers who use multiple cameras and accessories, and don’t want the hassle of packing a bundle of chargers and cables. The Unipal is compatible with over 300 different types of battery and, as it’s a powerbank, it will charge up your batteries on the move. The Unipal also comes with an in-car cable, so you can keep it juiced up when you're driving. 

42. Anker PowerCore 10000

Diminutive for its capacity – perfect for compacts and mirrorless cameras

Capacity: 10,000mAh

Excellent price and size considering its capacity
Pass-through charging not possible, which is less ideal

Anker’s slick-looking PowerCore 10000 is an ultra high-capacity powerbank that’s perfect for recharging your kit while you’re away from mains power. Packing a 10000mAh capacity, it powers compacts and other cameras with USB charging, with four LED lights to tell you how much juice is left.

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