The 37 best photography and camera accessories in 2018

30. NG Mediterranean Camera Tote Bag (Medium)

Disguise your kit with this stylish, colourful shoulder bag

Size: 37 x 43 x 13mm (external); 34 x 41 x 11cm (internal)

Unique design makes it ideal for concealing kit
Obviously not quite as ideal if you have a few lenses

This tote bag combines a lifestyle bag and camera bag into one. It will happily fit a standard DSLR or smaller CSC, with additional pockets for smaller items like batteries or memory cards, and can be carried by side handles or by a shoulder strap. A great option for those needing or wanting to be a little more discreet in urban areas.

31. Manfrotto Windsor Reporter Bag

This multi-use bag oozes quality

Size: 28 x 39 x 11.5cm (external); 26 x 37 x 8cm (internal)

Great quality, with soft inner lining to protect your kit
Very little to fault - already proving to be a popular choice

Manfrotto’s Windsor reporter is a classy messenger-style bag that can hold a DSLR with two extra lenses, including a larger 70-200mm telephoto lens, along with cards, batteries and sundry accessories. The styling also affords the Windsor bag a high level of discretion so you’re not advertising your expensive gear.

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32. Calumet RC1188 Rolling camera case

Rugged roller that's great value for money

Size: 36 x 25 x 53cm (external); 31 x 14 x 45cm (internal)

Solid build quality provides ample protection for mobile photographers
A little on the heavy side, and the depth might exceed some cabin regulations

Another recent recipient of N-Photo's Great Value badge, this rolling case is perfect for cutting through busy departure lounges at record speed. Capable of holding three DSLR bodies and up to four lenses, the case also has a prop to keep it semi-upright for easy access to equipment. It should be compatible with the carry-on regulations of most airlines, but with a 25cm depth you might want to double check this first.