The 50 best photography and camera accessories in 2019

30. B-Grip Uno

Whether you stick it on your belt, bag strap or somewhere else, this makes carrying your kit easy

Dimensions: 11.4 x 9.2 x 2.5cm

5kg payload should be enough for most DSLR/lens combinations
Not much

Another winner of the Great Value badge in a recent Digital Camera roundup, the B-Grip Uno is an innovative camera support system that can be attached to a belt or backpack strap. Suitable for mirrorless, compact or bridge cameras, the Uno features a quick-release plate to enable easy and speedy access to the camera.

31. Black Rapid Cross Shot Breathe Camera Strap

A firm favourite among those after something a little different to a standard neck strap

Strap length: 160cm including pad

Quality design from a reputable brand
Many cheaper straps exist - albeit less capable ones

Chuck out your old camera strap and grab the Black Rapid Cross Shot Breathe option, which makes carrying your DSLR a far more comfortable experience. Locks stop the camera sliding too far up the strap, which means your camera is always close to hand, while the neck area also benefits from extra padding.

32. SpiderPro single camera system

With a simple slip-in, ball-joint system, access to kit is as convenient as it is fast

Waist sizes: 25-56in

Excellent build and design, with very convenient access
Not quite as good value for money as some others (like the B-Grip UNO)

This walked away with Best on Test and Gold Awards in a recent Digital Camera roundup. Designed to fit waists measuring between 25-56-inches, build quality is excellent and the way in which the camera slips in – through a ball joint – makes for very convenient access.