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63 free Photoshop Actions for photographers

Download these free photo fixes for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS

22. Hard Lomo

Another retro-inspired pack, this set can create a vignette around your photos. A useful effect for any kind of image, retro or otherwise.

23. Thinking Of You

This action is great for injecting a splash of purple in the darker tones of your image to give it a little colour. It has a Lomography feel but can be toned down to work wonder on leafy shots too.

24. Weekend B&W

If you're looking for fifty shades of grey in your photos, this black and white effect is perfect, as it's not too severe, but still gives a professional look to your images. It reacts nicely with portraits.

25. Unspoken

For smokey images, try this effect to give a subtle blue tint to your image and soften the scene as a whole. It's good at reducing the dark colours in your image too, into a dark brown.

26. Hipster Rev

These actions are big, bold, and peculiarly coloured like Starburst sweets, but if you're searching for something different for your retro image, this is a well-saturated option.

27. Comics Photoshop Action

Ever wanted to turn your photos into comic-book like images? If so, this cool and clever Photoshop Action is for you.

28. Dream Blur

A soft glow can often complete an image, and it's really easy to apply with this action. It combines a simple vignette with a touch of vibrancy for that titular dreamlike effect, and works with most images.

29. Black And White

For monochrome enthusiasts, this set of black and white actions contains an interesting array of black and white filters for your images. From the high to the low contrast, they're very well made with great control.

30. Lithprint

Complete with grainy texture, this lithograph action is great for that classic printed effect, and is really simple to apply. It doesn't take out too much detail from your image and it works wonderfully with scenic shots.

31. Sunlight Effect

The weather's pretty unpredictable - especially if you've planned a shoot for that day - but this pack can alleviate those woes with fantastic climate fixes. From light leaks to darkening tools, it's all useful stuff to have saved in case you need it.

32. Plexiglass

This Plexiglass effect can apply gradient colour through your images and is really versatile. There are plenty of effects on offer and though this set feels like a novelty, they can provide a useful springboard for other more subtle colour effects.

33. Action 2

If it's subtle warmth you're after, look no further. This action is simple, strong and comes with a nice vignette to transform your images with just a little more focus.

34. Infrared

A well-created infrared edit is a lovely effect, and it just got a lot easier. Use this action to give a touch of pink to your images, but feel free to edit further once it's applied.

35. High Key

A high key shot can be the best way to highlight a subject's facial features, but it's also good for further editing. This action is good no matter what you choose to do with a high key shot.

36. Cold Nightmare

Making your image colder in Photoshop needn't ever just be clicking on the Photo Filter adjustment ever again. This action provides a somewhat more sophisticated finish without your images looking too bleak.

37. Silver

Black and white is great and all that, but the real beauty of monochrome lies in the grey, right? This desaturating action focuses on the greys and silvers of your image - as the name suggests - without washing out the contrast in the slightest.

38. Polaroid

Yes, lots of the actions in this list promise to give you a retro finish, but only this one can frame your images in an Insta-like frame. A godsend for social media posts, for one thing.

39. Go Boom

Go boom doesn't just add colour to your images; it adds all the colour to your images. With tints of blue, pink, yellow and touches of green, this is the most technicolour light leak you'll find on the internet.

40. Dramatic Sepia

Sepia is a forgotten art, and this particular pack is great for splashing a rustic brown over your picture without it feeling too dreary. A top choice for shots of buildings, too.

42. Skin Retouching

Every portrait needs a little healing and brushing and this pack contains everything you need to make that as painless as possible in Photoshop. These are the tools the professionals use, only the effects are completed in seconds.

42. Teeth Whitening

It's not just teeth that this action works well on. Brighten up anything - buildings, dresses, even piano keys - and turn murky brown-tinted greys to stunning white in seconds.

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