Winter Photography: professional tips for working with seasonal light and textures

Winter Photography: professional ways of working with seasonal light and textures

Winter light. Just look at it. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? Winter photography may have you fumbling with frozen fingers as you work through your cold camera’s custom functions. Winter photography may leave you waiting around, stamping your feet as the sun slowly rises in between anxious glances at the battery charge indicator… But being there for The Moment makes winter photography certainly worth all its rigid demands.

The light, colours and textures make photos come alive at this time of year. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to make the most of the light and textures that are prevalent in winter, with inspirational images and photography tips from professional photographers who make their living standing in the cold.

Take pictures of snow that sell: plan your snow photography from field to computer

Take pictures of snow that sell: plan your snow photography from field to computer

Just because it’s bitterly cold outside there’s no need to hang up your DSLR until the spring. Admittedly it’s hard to be enthusiastic about heading out to take pictures of snow when the temperature dips below zero, especially when you know you’re going to be standing still for long periods of time. But the visual delights of beautiful frost-covered landscapes and snow photography are sure to make your efforts worthwhile – in fact, you might find that you’re inspired to take your best shots yet.

Low-light photography: tips for winter seascape pictures

Photo Ideas: shoot seascapes at dusk

With the nights drawing in, photographers can make the most of the low light conditions by getting out with your camera to capture glowing sunsets, inky blue moonlit skies and atmospheric stormy scenes. Below we’ve offered our best low-light photography tips for capturing beautiful winter seascapes.

Things to try in December

01 Ruffle a few feathers by Mark Hamblin

Get into winter photography with our festive Things to try feature this month. Shoot birds and berries in snow and frost, capture the hustle and bustle of a Christmas market, take great family portraits and more…