Macro water drop photography: how to capture colour abstract close-ups at home

Macro water drop photography: how to capture colour abstract close-ups at home

Drops of water make beautiful macro subjects – they’re attractive, they refract light into interesting patterns and they’re available at the turn of a tap! And water drop photography is also quite easy to do! With good technique, attention to detail and the right kit, you can set your images apart from the crowd.

5 cool water drop photography ideas and 1 really simple set-up

Great photo ideas for more creative water drop photography

Although it’s unlikely that Cartier-Bresson had water drop photography in mind when he talked about the decisive moment, his words ring true when trying to capture the split-second moment a water drop hits the surface below it.

There are several high-tech and costly techniques you can use to get consistent and repeatable water drop shots, such as using electronically activated valves to produce accurately timed drops, and movement triggers that will fire your flash, but it’s surprising just what you can achieve using much simpler techniques and kit that costs just a few pounds.

Ripple effect: shoot abstract photography in the bath

Abstract Photography Tutorial: how to shoot ripple effects

Believe it or not the bathroom can be a great place for creative photography. Here we’ve captured the magical quality of water ripples, and combined them into a contemporary grid.

We created the ripples by simply dripping water from a soaked cloth onto the surface of (clean) bath water. There’s plenty of other ways to make great ripples too, so it’s worth experimenting with different methods and heights.