Behind The Image: David Clapp’s battle for autumn colours in the Lake District

Behind The Image: David Clapp's battle for autumn colours in the Lake District

In his latest post, guest blogger and pro landscape photographer David Clapp recounts his struggle with the weather when shooting autumn colour in the Lake District.

10 best places to photograph in the Lake District


The Lake District is the most visited National Park in England and Wales and is a haven for photographers. It offers an array of opportunities and a diverse range of photographic subjects in a relatively small area.

What your histogram says about your landscapes

What is hyperfocal distance: 6 tips for sharper landscapes

Your digital camera’s histogram, or exposure chart, offers the most reliable indication of exposure, as it illustrates the range of tones in a landscape shot, from dark shadows on the far left through to bright highlights on the far right.

But there’s no ‘perfect’ histogram. Each landscape scene you shoot is made up of a different blend of tones, and the shape of the histogram will reflect this.

10 tips for better coastal landscapes

Landscape Photography Tips: how to shoot better coastal scenes

Coastal landscapes are some of the most popular subjects to shoot at any time of the year, thanks to their enormous creative potential. Bad weather means added drama, and the endless push of the tide means plenty of opportunity to hone your skills at long exposures.

Top landscape photographer Guy Edwardes shares his top ten landscape photography tips for shooting watery scenes.