Photos from airplane windows: tips for getting killer shots every time you fly

    | Photography Tips, Travel | 20/07/2012 11:10am
    Photos from airplane windows: get killer shots every time you fly

    It’s always tempting to try and take aerial photos from airplane windows when travelling. Though it might seem like you’re quite limited in what you can do in this situation, there are a few ways you can ensure you get quality snaps. Click to see our tips for getting killer photos from airplane windows every time you fly.

    The 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

    | News | 17/07/2012 12:12pm
    The 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

    Here at Digital Camera World we’re not afraid of courting controversy. OK, maybe we are a little bit, which is why we thought it was time to be bold. We’ve interviewed a number of famous photographers over the years and been inspired by each of them, but as many readers often ask us… “who are the best photographers of all time?”

    We put on our thinking caps and took a stab it. Following lots of coffee and some heated arguments, we agreed on a list of the 55 best photographers of all time. In the history of the world. Ever. Definitely.

    Photo of the day: 14 July

    | Inspire | 14/07/2012 07:00am
    Digital Camera World photo of the day |

    Click on the image to see this great shot in full.

    What to pack: 8 essential travel photography accessories

    | Photography Tips, Travel | 24/06/2012 08:00am
    What to pack: 8 essential travel photography accessories

    We’d all be travel photographers in an ideal world, paid to crisscross the globe on a rich client’s tab and take stunning photographs of exotic locations. Sadly, for most of us the reality is rather less perfect. We get away once or twice a year, and have to squeeze in our travel photography while keeping everybody else happy.

    Nevertheless, some travel photography is better than no travel photography so when you get to do it, you better make it count. Click to find out what you need to pack for your travels.

    Sigma unveils ultra-light 18-250mm macro zoom for travel photography

    | News | 15/06/2012 11:21am
    Sigma unveils new 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM travel zoom lens

    Independent lens maker Sigma has announced a new DSLR zoom lens designed for travellers and backpackers, or anyone who wants an all-purpose zoom lens that’s both light and small.

    The Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM is different because it’s been manufactured using a special polycarbonate material called Thermally Stable Composite (TSC).

    73 photo locations to shoot before you die

    | Inspire | 18/05/2012 15:53pm
    73 photo locations you must shoot before you die

    Most people have a bucket list of things they’d like to do or accomplish before the inevitable that awaits us all. For photographers, this bucket list often translates as a list of places we’d like to visit with our cameras before it’s curtains for our shutter. After a lot of soul-searching, we put together below our list of the 73 best photo locations around the world that we’d like to shoot before we die.

    Travel photography by Ephraim Muller

    | Inspire | 29/04/2012 12:00pm
    Into Havana

    Ephraim Muller is an amateur travel photographer living in London. His travel photography captures the essence and the atmosphere of the locations he visits. He shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II and processes his images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

    79 travel photography tips you shouldn’t leave home without

    | Photography Tips, Travel | 20/04/2012 07:00am
    79 travel photography tips you shouldn’t leave home without

    With the holiday season upon us, there’s no time like the present to hone your photographic skills to enable you to capture glorious travel photography fit for a gallery wall – or at least pride-of-place in your living room! But the variation of subject matter and lighting conditions you’ll be greeted with while overseas can be daunting to capture successfully, especially if you’re juggling quality time with your family against quality time with your digital camera! That’s why we’ve put together no less than 80 tried-and-tested travel photography tips to guide you through the best ways 
to tackle photography while on the road – all from personal experience!

    We start with crucial travel photography tips for planning and preparing for your trip. Then there are essential camera skills, from aperture choice to metering; clever photographic techniques, from composition to using filters, as well as creative techniques to master, from stunning silhouettes at sunset to picturesque panoramics.

    Photographers Rights: the ultimate guide

    | Photography Tips | 14/04/2012 07:00am
    Photographers Rights: police vs security guards

    Photographers rights is one of the last things you learn as a photographer, long after the basics of composition and exposure. Yet a photographer’s rights is one of the more fundamental elements of photography. If you can’t use your knowledge of composition and exposure to take pictures of people in public, landmarks, animals, art work, or whatever, then what good is having a camera?

    As governments around the globe have tightened anti-terror laws, we’ve heard more queries about just what exactly a photographer’s rights are when he or she is out with a camera. To help demystify the topic, we’ve produced what we hope is the ultimate guide to photographers rights.

    Travel category winners: Photographer of the Year 2011

    | Competitions, News | 13/12/2011 10:26am
    Waiting for mum, by Karen Oliver

    The most amazing travel photography from around the world captured by the winners of the Travel category in the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2011 competition