How to enhance a sunset in Photoshop: download our start file and follow along

How to enhance a sunset in Adobe Camera Raw

In this photo editing tutorial we’ll show you how to use the Adobe Camera Raw editor’s sliders to target and boost the saturation of the sunrise colours, to help them look as vivid in print as they did in real life. We’ll also show you how to use the Vibrance slider to boost the weaker colours without oversaturating stronger ones.

Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet)

Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet)

The key to choosing the best camera settings for sunsets is to make sure you capture the sunset’s colours as they are, not how the camera ‘thinks’ they should be.

In our photography cheat sheet we’ve provided some of the ideal settings for sunsets. Use these as a starting point and then let your creativity take over!

Sunset photography: the only tutorial you need

Sunset Photography Tips: hide the sun

Sunset photography is a favorite of summertime. The rich colours, dramatic lighting and strong shapes they offer can produce stunning shots with little need for much effort or clever planning from you.

However, you might find that your camera often captures pale imitations of the sunsets you see with your naked eye. Somehow, the intensity of the colours may have been lost, or the composition might not work.

So, here’s our guide to getting the most from a spectacular sunset, by composing your shots properly and adjusting the camera settings to make the most of the colours.

Enhance sunset photos in 10 minutes!

Try this easy way to boost the colour of a lacklustre sunset, using a custom colour gradient to create a scene with added depth Sunsets are always a popular subject for many photographers, but sometimes the image you end up capturing isn’t as vibrant or amazing as the scene in front of you. Many problems… Continue reading