Photo of the day: 2 July

Digital Camera World 2 July

A street full of Charlie Chaplins is not what you’d generally expect to see in your average street photo!

Photo of the day: 29 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

This fun capture made it as our photo of the day. The positioning here makes the shot!

Photo of the day: 21 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

This fantastic image is out photo of the day, and if we had a photo of the week it would definitely be that too!

Photo of the day: 1 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

As well as being a well-timed and interesting picture to view, ‘Oops Sorry!’ by Rzley is a good example of documentary-style photography. The viewer is left curious about the story behind the image.

Photo of the day: 27 May

Digital Camera World photo of the day

‘Late Night in Vietnam’ by Jpharmd is a great example of street photography and projects the atmosphere of the moment. This picture is particularly helped by its composition, which follows the rule of thirds.

Photo of the day: 26 May

Digital Camera World Photo of the Day 26 May

‘Ad Versus Reality’ from George Donciu represents a recurrent theme in modern life; the image of perfection so often portrayed in today’s media is contrasted here against a ‘normal’ pedestrian.

Photographers Rights: the ultimate guide

Photographers Rights: police vs security guards

Photographers rights is one of the last things you learn as a photographer, long after the basics of composition and exposure. Yet a photographer’s rights is one of the more fundamental elements of photography. If you can’t use your knowledge of composition and exposure to take pictures of people in public, landmarks, animals, art work, or whatever, then what good is having a camera?

As governments around the globe have tightened anti-terror laws, we’ve heard more queries about just what exactly a photographer’s rights are when he or she is out with a camera. To help demystify the topic, we’ve produced what we hope is the ultimate guide to photographers rights.

London Festival of Photography 2012 set for June

London Festival of Photography 2012 announced

The London Festival of Photography 2012 will kick off on 1 June and run through the end of the month, according to organisers. The second year of the festival will encompass documentary photography, street photography, as well as more conceptual work.

The festival will be comprised of 18 exhibitions and 40 events, including workshops, talks and screenings. Featured exhibitions include The Great British Public, which focuses largely on street photography and includes work by photographers Martin Parr, Simon Roberts and others.

Things to try in December

01 Ruffle a few feathers by Mark Hamblin

Get into winter photography with our festive Things to try feature this month. Shoot birds and berries in snow and frost, capture the hustle and bustle of a Christmas market, take great family portraits and more…