Camera bags vs photo backpacks: which should you buy?

Camera bags vs photo backpacks: which should you buy?

If you’ve bought some new lenses or an extra body recently, you’re probably finding that you’ve outgrown your camera bag. Perhaps you’re struggling with whether to buy a bigger camera bag or take the leap to photo backpacks.

There are pros and cons for both large camera bags and photo backpacks…

Photographers Rights: the ultimate guide

Photographers Rights: police vs security guards

Photographers rights is one of the last things you learn as a photographer, long after the basics of composition and exposure. Yet a photographer’s rights is one of the more fundamental elements of photography. If you can’t use your knowledge of composition and exposure to take pictures of people in public, landmarks, animals, art work, or whatever, then what good is having a camera?

As governments around the globe have tightened anti-terror laws, we’ve heard more queries about just what exactly a photographer’s rights are when he or she is out with a camera. To help demystify the topic, we’ve produced what we hope is the ultimate guide to photographers rights.