Get cash for your pictures: the right way to submit to stock photo agencies

The right way to submit to stock photo agencies: step 1

Selling your pictures to an agency isn’t as simple as uploading them and then sitting back waiting for the money to roll in. However, if you plan your approach carefully – and if your shots are good enough – then it’s possible to generate some useful cash through one of the many stock photo agencies online.

20 questions you need to ask about how to print photos

19 questions you need to ask about how to print photos

Digital imaging has given us all so much more creative freedom, and while it’s true that not every picture you take is worth making into a print, your favourite images deserve the print treatment. But printing photos isn’t as easy as just connecting cables and pressing a button. There are all sorts of things you need to consider. Below we’ve compiled what we believe are 19 essential questions most photographers forget to ask about how to print photos.

Wedding photography: how much do you charge your first time?

Wedding photography: tips for charging clients your first time

If you want to break into the wedding photography business and start shooting weddings on the side, how much should you charge for your services when starting out? We spoke to a number of jobbing wedding photographers to get their opinion.

How to tag photos in Photoshop… and make more money online

How to tag photos in Photoshop

Preparing and enhancing is really just the start when it comes to posting or selling your photos online. Although your pictures may be polished to perfection, without the correct keywords it’s unlikely they’ll ever be found. So, with the image enhancements out of the way, you need to give some serious thought to the dark art of keywording, ensuring that you make the most of the headers, keywords and descriptions that the stock libraries give you. In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll show you the best way to tag photos to increase their visibility online.

How to get your photos published in magazines

How to get your photos published in magazines

Find out how to get your photos published in magazines. In this post we’ll take you through the best way to get your photos published in magazines. We’ll tell you how to make the right approach, offer tips to improve your chances, identify some common mistakes and, finally, answer the all-important question of ‘what will I be paid’?

How to be a Getty contributor

Getty contributors: how to be a Getty photographer

Chances are you’ve seen an image by a Getty photographer – not just full stop, but today. In the last hour, even.

So diverse and pervasive is the esteemed photo agency, that the growing band of Getty contributors casts a wide net all over the globe. Getty photographers cover every major world event, and even the ones that don’t make headlines. And the agency is increasingly relying on a network of landscape and wildlife photographers to fill its needs in other genres.

We recently spoke to Anthony Parkin, Getty Images’ Director of Editorial Content, to find out how the agency finds new Getty contributors.

Freelance photography tips: magazine publishing

Man putting CD into envelope

With 1000s of titles published every month, magazines are the most accessible market available to budding freelance photographers – here are our tips for success

Freelance photography tips: selling to stock libraries


Stock photography – we don’t need to tell you it’s a competitive business. But we can tell you how to give yourself the best chance of successfully selling your pictures…

How to sell photos: selling prints to the public

Quick photography tips: fine art landscape photographer Ed Collacott reveals the ins and outs of selling prints to the public to Ben Brain Selling your photos can be hugely satisfying. However, being able to shoot what you want to shoot and still make cash is, for most people, just a dream. Many photographers end up… Continue reading