Photo Exhibitions: a first-timer’s guide to selling photos and raising your profile

Photographers Rights: acknowledging copyright and trademarks

Photo exhibitions are a great way to sell your photos and raise your profile as a photographer at the same time. These tips from professional photographers will help get you started for launching your first photo exhibition.

Sell Photos Online: edit your pictures to make money through microstock

Sell photos online: edit your pictures to make money through microstock

As one improves as a photographer, you might find yourself asking less about photography tips and techniques and instead how to make money from photography. One popular method is to sell photos online via one of the numerous microstock libraries.

In our post we’ll show you how to prepare and edit your pictures so that when you go to sell photos online through a microstock library you stand the best chance of making money.

How to make money from photography, part 5: shoot property for estate agents

How to make money from photography: approach local companies

This week, in our final instalment of the series, we speak to photographer John Durrant, who turns a profit from photographing property. Via his Property Photographer website, John shoots houses and buildings on behalf of estate agents.

We spoke to John about how approaches these firms, how much he charges and how much you can expect to earn.

How to make money from photography, part 4: a new idea to make cash on holiday

How to make money from photography: make cash on your holidays

So far in our series on how to make money from photography we’ve told you how to submit to stock photo agencies, run a workshop and even teach a night class on photography. In our penultimate installment we suggest a new idea for making cash from your holidays.

How to make money from photography, part 3: teach an evening class

How to make money from photography: teach an evening photography class

Teaching an evening class won’t get you out of your day job, but it’s a great way make money from photography, sharing your experience with like-minded people and perhaps even learning something from them too.

However, before you can start you need to do a bit of homework yourself.

How to make money from photography, part 2: run a workshop

How to make money from photography: why running a workshop can be a fun - and profitable - experience

Last week, in the first installment of our new series on the many ways to make money from photography, we told you about how to sell your photos online via stock photo agencies. This week we’ll leave the internet behind and look at one of the more traditional ways of making money from photography: running a workshop.

How to make money from photography: new series on Digital Camera World

How to make money from photography: expert advice on how to sell photos to supplement your income

If you’ve been shooting for a few years, there’s every chance your hard drive is bursting with images of far-flung destinations, local landscapes or the flowers in your back garden. Regardless of the subject, all of your shots have one thing in common – they’ve got the potential to be transformed from pixels into money in the bank.

The wedding photographer’s timeline: plan your shoots a year in advance

Wedding photography tips - shots to get on the day: shots at sundown

In a recent post we looked at how much to charge for wedding photos when wedding photographers are just starting out in the business. In this post we’ll investigate how to plan your wedding photography shoots from the very beginning. We’ll look at how to make contact with potential clients, how to secure bookings all the way up to tips you might not have thought of that will leave you extra prepared on the day.