The future of professional photography: 5 things we can expect in 5 years’ time


The past decade made the photography industry more accessible than ever, harder to profit from, but also richer with choice, opportunities and possibilities. What will happen next? Only time can tell, but while we’re waiting for the future to unfold, we’ve listed five predictions for the graduates of 2018.

5 new ways to make money from photography that the pros won’t tell you

How to make money from photography: tips for how to supplement your income by doing what you love

Sometimes it’s the little ideas that set you apart. An imaginative mind can make up for a small start-up budget, and thinking outside the box can give you opportunities that even the most successful competitor would never have thought about. In their latest guest blog post, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure present five simple money-making ideas to get you started.