Who owns a photo once it’s put online: free cheat sheet to understanding copyright

Who owns a photo once it's put online: free cheat sheet to understanding copyright

Who actually owns a photo once you upload it to the internet? This fantastic photography cheat sheet compiled by Clifton Cameras answers some of the key questions about copyright for photographers. From cases like David Slater’s famed monkey self-portrait to social media ownership to how to protect your photos online, this handy infographic should set… Continue reading

6 things you can learn by taking photographs every day

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While taking a picture every day might seem like a tall order, it needn’t be a big chore where you put lots of pressure on yourself to create a work of art – it’s just a great way of staying in the zone and making sure you are memorising key settings through constant repetition.

With this in mind, our guest bloggers at Photoventure share some of the benefits of setting up a daily photographic regimen…

8 ways to tell if you are growing as a photographer

The Inverse Square Law: what it means for photographers

It can be hard to judge how far you have come as a photographer, as often you are too close to your work to make objective decisions. It’s easy to be hard on yourself, and beat yourself up for not progressing enough, when actually you have come a long way. With this in mind, our guest bloggers at Photoventure offer eight pointers to help you tell if you’re really progressing…

9 pro tips for first-time wedding photographers

Our professional photographer's final advice for reportage wedding photography: getting ready

We’ve already covered the essentials of how to photograph a wedding for the first time so you know that it’s a good idea to have shot list, shoot in raw format and double-up on kit. But the professionals have a few more helpful tricks that we’d like to share with you.

8 survival tips every wedding photographer must know

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: wedding photography I do's and don'ts

Every photographer gets asked to shoot a wedding at some point. However, the stakes are very high, and you don’t want to mess-up on the bride and groom’s big day. To help out, our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure have put together a few tips to set you on the right path.