Photo printers vs online photo labs: which delivers the perfect print?

Photo printers vs photo labs: which delivers the perfect print?

Is it better to print your photos at home or have them created in a pro-level lab? We weigh up the pros and cons in our photo printers vs photo labs head-to-head test…

Get superior prints with a Canon PIXMA PRO printer (Sponsored)


There are no better printer partners for your Canon EOS DSLR than Canon’s great PIXMA PRO range. Whether you’re an advanced amateur, budding semi-pro or seasoned professional, Canon’s PIXMA PRO printers will make sure you obtain prints to be proud of.

Epson Expression Photo XP-950 review: the A3 printer in an A4 printer’s body

Epson Expression Photo XP-950 review: the A3 printer in an A4 printer's body

The Epson Expression Photo XP-950 is proof that A3 printers don’t have to dominate your desk. Find out how it fares in our Epson Expression XP-950 review.

15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

In this DIY Photography Hacks guide we’ll run through the most common problems you might encounter with your inkjet printer, and a host of possible solutions. Work your way through these and you’ll have a good grounding in printer maintenance.

Colour management: fine tune your kit for the most accurate colours possible

How to print more than one photo on a page

Producing a colour print that closely matches what appears on your computer screen is something anyone can master if they understand the principles involved and have invested in the kit needed for producing accurate colour. Discover how easy it can be to turn out predictable and pleasing results.

Image editing, printing & storing

11 photo printing mistakes every photographer makes (and how to avoid them)

Get into good habits while editing your images and you’ll end up with prints you can be really proud of. Here’s what you need to know about photo editing, storage, and printing

Print photos from Photoshop Elements

How to prepare your images ready for print using Photoshop Elements Digital Camera’s 10-part series ‘Teach Yourself Photoshop’ builds into a complete video reference library. These easy-to-follow video guides will take you on a start-to-finish journey through perfecting your photos in the digital darkroom. In this video you’ll discover how to get better prints using… Continue reading

How to buy the best printer

Buying a printer for your photographs is a decision not to be taken lightly as you’ll want to get the most from your images when you print them out.