Photoshop tutorial: modern portraits in 10 minutes

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Family Portraits: Create a modern look

Give your portraits a modern makeover using Photoshop In recent years, a distinct style of commercial family portrait has increased in popularity – shot against a pure white backdrop and processed in striking high-contrast mono. Here, we’ll demonstrate that there’s no need to pay through the nose for commercial photography. With Photoshop Elements, you can… Continue reading

Add impact to autumn portraits, part 2 of 2

An excellent time to shoot romantic portraits is in the autumn – follow part 2 of our tutorial to find out how to tweak those autumn portraits to perfection on Photoshop. To complement the sun’s golden glow, falling leaves in oranges and reds also add extra detail and a dreamy feel to autumn portraits. In… Continue reading

Add impact to autumn portraits, part 1 of 2

Autumn is a great time to shoot romantic looking portraits, find out how to create one with impact in Photoshop. In this 2-part tutorial we’ll show you how to use adjustment layers to warm up leaves to boost the autumnal colour palette. You’ll also learn how to tweak lighting to reduce clipping and restore contrast… Continue reading

Create high impact portraits

If your people portraits look a bit flat, learn how to transform it into a high-contrast shot here Professional portrait shots from high street photo studios are easy to create when you have Photoshop on your side. By removing the background from your subjects, correcting the colours and warming the skin tones, you’ll be able… Continue reading

Improve your family portrait skills

contemporary family portraits: tips and techniques

Everything you need to know for contemporary family portraits
There’s lots to consider when taking your family pictures, from the technology you’re using to how the people involved react. By using some simple tricks in composition and preparation, and by keeping the children entertained, you can be sure that you’ve got all you need to take some really good family photos.

Take better photographs of children

The best time for candids and portraits is towards the end of the shoot, as the children’s mood becomes calmer and more thoughtful.