Photoshop X-Ray Effect: 6-step tutorial and video

Photoshop X-Ray Effect: 6-step tutorial and video

One of our favourite Photoshop tricks is the way that the characteristic negative tones and cyan hues of X-rays can be easily applied to regular images.

OK, so we’re not really looking inside our subject, but the overall effect works a treat when creating a Photoshop X-Ray.

We used a shot of the underbelly of a plastic toy frog shot with a ring flash on a white background, but other regular objects can be transformed with this technique, too. So let’s see how it’s done. You have two options here: you can watch the short video below showing you how to get the Photoshop X-Ray effect, or below that we have a step-by-step Photoshop tutorial spelling out everything you need to do.

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