Radial blur: fake a zoom burst effect from your fixed focal length lens

Radial Blur: fake a zoom burst effect from your fixed focal length lens

Learn how to recreate a zoom burst effect in Photoshop using the radial blur filter to add extra drama to your pictures.

Make tourists disappear… in Photoshop

How to remove people in Photoshop

How many times has your travel photography been let down by tourists and other unwanted distractions spoiling your scenes?

No need to waste your pictures. Our simple 4-step tutorial below explains how you can remove people in Photoshop and rescue your images.

Photoshop effects: correct lens distortion in 4 steps

Photoshop Effects: correct lens distortion in 4 steps

Getting a perfectly straight landscape photo isn’t always easy to achieve in-camera. Thankfully, by following a few simple steps in Adobe Camera Raw you can correct this lens distortion and get the perfect vista you were hoping to achieve. Here’s how to do it.

Focus stacking: how to fake perfect focus in Photoshop

Focus stacking: how to fake perfect focus in Photoshop

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get everything sharp at once. When you’re zoomed in tight on a subject, there might never be enough depth to get everything sharp, even at the lens’s minimum aperture.

The answer is to shoot a series of images with the focus set slightly further away each time, and then use a technique called ‘focus stacking’ to merge the separate photos into a finished picture that’s sharp from front to back.

Replicate a fill-flash effect in Photoshop

Find out how Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter can be used to add a fill-in flash effect to under-exposed portraits When shooting a subject with the sun behind them, or stood against a bright, illuminated background, a little fill-in flash is essential to balance the exposure of your image. Without the powerful light produced by the… Continue reading

Video tutorial: Remove background distractions in Photoshop

Use Photoshop to turn an average shot into a winning image by removing unwanted background objects and making your subject stand out. All too often, a good shot would look great if it wasn’t for a distracting element in the background. When shooting spontaneous action, such as a toddler’s first steps, you can’t afford to… Continue reading

Fake a graduated filter effect: Part 2 of 2

Give bland skies a stylish graduated tint by using the Gradient Tool in Photoshop and Elements On bright sunny days capturing landscapes may result in a washed-out sky – especially if you’ve exposed for the ground. Many photographers get around this problem by using a graduated filter, which are dark at the top and fade… Continue reading

Convert any landscape into an autumn scene: Part 2

Watch part 2 of our video and learn how to convert a summer scene into an autumnal shot using Photoshop Autumnal hues can add a completely different feel to a summer shot, watch our video to find out how to convert a summer shot into a glorious autumnal picture. Learn how to use the gradient… Continue reading