How to add colour to a black and white photo in Photoshop

    | Uncategorized | 08/12/2010 14:21pm

    How to remove dust and imperfections from photos

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 21/01/2010 12:48pm

    Dust on your D-SLR’s sensor can ruin your image. Watch this video to find out how to use Photoshop’s dust removal tools to get blemish free shots. No matter how careful you are, dust always seems to end up in the inner workings of your D-SLR. This is most problematic in landscape photography as shooting [...]

    Video tutorial: Remove background distractions in Photoshop

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 27/11/2009 08:59am

    Use Photoshop to turn an average shot into a winning image by removing unwanted background objects and making your subject stand out. All too often, a good shot would look great if it wasn’t for a distracting element in the background. When shooting spontaneous action, such as a toddler’s first steps, you can’t afford to [...]

    Dodge and burn like a pro

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:27pm

    Learn to doge and burn like an expert and your black and white shots will shine Creating black and white photo art isn’t simply a matter of shooting in a different mode, or converting a colour image. If you want to produce pictures that really stand out then you’ll need to master the essential skills [...]