7 editing secrets of retro photography

7 editing secrets of retro photography: Add borders

In this age of flawless digital photography, there’s something irresistible about the retro photography and analogue Photoshop effects that hark back to the days when imperfection was all part of the charm. In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll dissect and analyse the different effects that make up this popular retro photography look.

Photoshop CS6: best of the new features

Photoshop CS6 new features explained

Adobe’s much-anticipated Photoshop CS6 is finally here. Having now upgraded to CS6 in the office, we can say that so far it looks to be a great upgrade, with lots of new features to be excited about. A few red herrings have been thrown in for good measure, such as the Content Aware Move tool, and at first glance you’ll notice the shiny new charcoal interface among the many Photoshop CS6 new features.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 gets official

Photoshop CS6: 20 things you need to know

Adobe has dropped the beta moniker and officially launched Photoshop CS6, the latest version of its benchmark photo editing software.

Launching its Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended software, Adobe says it has delivered photographers and digital artists “groundbreaking innovations and unparalleled performance breakthroughs” to deliver increased efficiency.

CS6 gains speed with Adobe’s Mercury Graphic Engine

Photoshop CS6 to run faster with Adobe's Mercury Graphic Engine

With the introduction of the Mercury Graphic Engine, Adobe Photoshop CS6 makes greater use of your computer’s graphics processor, or GPU, making complex graphical calculations run a lot faster. But why is this?

In a nutshell, Central Processing Units (CPUs) are general purpose chips designed to cope with any task. A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a specialist processor built for maths- intensive calculations such as those involved in graphics rendering and video editing. When an application requires a lot of this sort of work, it uses the GPU to do the heavy lifting.

Free Photoshop CS6 Preview edition for iPad

Free Photoshop CS6 Preview edition for iPad

A free public beta version of Photoshop CS6 has just been released by Adobe, and the team behind Practical Photoshop magazine have put together a special iPad digital guide to mark this momentous occasion.

We’ve put the software through its paces to bring you the key new features and tweaks of the world’s leading piece of image-editing software plus an in-depth rundown on technical specifications and hardware details as well as opinion from industry experts.

You can download the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Preview for free through Apple Newsstand.

Photoshop CS6: new features and how they work (Video)

Photoshop CS6: new features and how they work

By now you’ve no doubt read the Photoshop CS6 new features list and have been wowed by some and perhaps non-plussed by others. We’ve been playing around with the Photoshop CS6 beta for a few weeks now and think we have a good handle on how some of these new tools and toys work. Watch our video below as we take you through each item on the Photoshop CS6 new features list and show you what it can do for your photos.

7 key changes in the Photoshop CS6 interface

Photoshop CS6: 7 things to know about the new interface

Perhaps the most celebrated change in Photoshop CS6 is its new interface. Straightaway you’ll notice a new darker look to Photoshop, but the changes to CS6’s interface go much deeper than a mere colour change.

Here, we’ve rounded up seven of the most important changes you should know about the new Photoshop CS6 interface.

Photoshop CS6: 20 things you need to know

Photoshop CS6: 20 things you need to know

Photoshop CS6 is finally here! Albeit in beta form. Nevertheless, we’ve spent the past few weeks putting Photoshop CS6 through its paces. There’s been a good deal to get our teeth into and we think that the additions to this new version of Photoshop CS will be welcomed by new and old Photoshop users alike.

The most obvious change in Photoshop CS6 is the darker interface, but there are plenty of other more intriguing new features, as well as plenty of tweaks and upgrades to existing Photoshop tools. Click to read the 20 things you need to know about Photoshop CS6 and how it can enhance your photo editing experience.

Adobe unveils Photoshop CS6 beta

Photoshop CS6: 20 things you need to know

Adobe has officially unveiled its Photoshop CS6 beta, a preview of what’s to come in the next release of its Photoshop CS software.

The Photoshop CS6 beta is available as a free download from Adobe Labs. Customers can download the beta, try out the experience and provide feedback to the product team.

Photoshop CS6 beta is available for the Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms. The final Photoshop CS6 release date is expected in the first half of 2012.