Teach yourself Photoshop: Part 1, Video 6 – Understanding how Adobe Bridge works

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 02/07/2010 12:30pm

    Learn the basics of photo-editing with our introduction to Adobe’s image editing software. Digital Camera’s new 10-part series ‘Teach Yourself Photoshop’ builds into a complete video reference library. These easy-to-follow video guides will take you on a start-to-finish journey through perfecting your photos in the digital darkroom. The first instalment, covers getting started with Photoshop [...]

    Photoshop sharpening in 3 easy steps

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 21/01/2010 15:08pm

    This useful technique will help bring sharper detail to soft-looking wildlife shots without adding unwanted artefacts. When photographing wildlife with a wide aperture setting (such as f/5.6) you might find that the animal’s body is sharply focused while its face appears a bit soft. This is because wide aperture settings produce a shallow depth of [...]

    Enhance colour and saturation in Photoshop

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 21/01/2010 14:37pm

    Colour correction in Photoshop doesn’t need to be complicated. Follow this guide to quickly and easily tackle all your colour needs. Colour correction is an essential part of the image-editing process, but luckily Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) editor makes it easy, with most colour corrections only needing a few seconds to complete. If you’re [...]

    Dodge and burn like a pro

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:27pm

    Learn to doge and burn like an expert and your black and white shots will shine Creating black and white photo art isn’t simply a matter of shooting in a different mode, or converting a colour image. If you want to produce pictures that really stand out then you’ll need to master the essential skills [...]