Nikon AF-S 80-400mm ED VR lens review

Nikon AF-S 80-400mm ED VR lens review

Nikon’s first ever Vibration Reduction lens receives a long-overdue update. Is it the best Nikon lens ever? Find out how we rate it in our Nikon AF-S 80-400mm ED VR review.

Nikon 800mm f/5.6: 10 reasons why it costs so much!

Nikon 800mm f/5.6: 10 reasons why it costs so much!

Who could possibly need a lens you can’t afford and can barely lift? We explain why the Nikon 800mm f/5.6 costs so much who would use it.

Full Review: Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR superzoom

Full Review: Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR superzoom

The Nikon 18-200mm VR has long been renowned as the best superzoom lens on the market. For a while though, it hasn’t led the field for outright zoom range, losing out to the Sigma 18-250mm and Tamron 18-270mm, both of which have recently had radical redesigns. Nikon has now come up trumps with its new 18-300mm VR, which boasts the biggest zoom range of any SLR lens on the planet.

Nikon 18-300mm: testing the longest ever superzoom for street photography

Nikon 18-300mm superzoom lens test

It’s the longest superzoom lens ever, but what’s the brand new Nikon 18-300mm superzoom actually like to use? Our friends at N-Photo just got their hands on a sample have taken it out for an hour’s street photography to find out.

Nikon 800mm f/5.6 VR monster super-telephoto announced

Nikon 800mm f/5.6 VR monster super-telephoto lens announced

Nikon is to unveil its a new monster to its lens line-up. The Nikon AF-S 800mm f/5.6 will be the longest focal length in its current range of optic – an honour currently held by its AF-S 600mm f/4G ED VR.

Nikon launches FX-format 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom

New Nikon Lens: NIKKOR 24–85mm f3.5–4.5G ED VR revealed

Nikon has announced a new FX-format zoom lens with broad 24-85mm focal range, compact build and Vibration Reduction.

The new AF-S NIKKOR 24–85mm f/3.5–4.5G ED VR offers a focal length extending from wideangle up to telephoto in a lightweight body, and is billed as a multi-purpose lens for FX-format Nikon photographers who want the freedom to shoot a wide variety of day-to-day moments and subjects.

Nikon 18-300mm: a new standard for superzooms?

Nikon 18-300mm superzoom lens unveiled

Nikon has officially launched its brand new DX-format superzoom, the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. It’s not just the longest-range Nikon superzoom to date, it’s the longest for any DSLR.

Rare and gigantic Nikon lens goes on sale


The likelihood is that you’ve never seen a Nikon lens like the one that has recently turned up for sale in London. The 6mm f/2.8 lens is a staggering 11.5 pounds, has a 220-degree viewing angle and a 24x36mm image area.

DO or Di? Your lens markings explained

DO or Di? All your lens markings explained

Does your lens has more letters after its name than a retired rocket scientist. What do all these lens markings mean? You can refer to a lens simply by the name of the manufacturer, the focal length, and its maximum aperture – a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6, say, or Canon 50mm f/1.4. But as lenses have often evolved from decades of development, they usually have a line of additional letters after their names, stamped on the barrel or printed on the boxes.

Some lens markings are about manufacturer branding – defining a more recent range, or a lens that’s built to higher standards than another. Others are to do with the optics themselves, and to highlight specific technologies used in the lens construction. In the jargon-busting guide below, we’ll translate these lens markings for you.

Best lens: how to choose the ideal optic for your camera

Best lens: tips to choose the ideal optic for your camera

Are you thinking about buying a new lens for your DSLR or compact system camera?

Remember, the best lens isn’t always the most expensive. The best lens for your camera is the one with the features that best match your needs as a photographer.

These 9 essential tips should help give a solid foundation of what you might be looking for when you go to choose the best lens for your camera.