Nikon D80: tips for using your digital camera

    | Photography Tips | 15/09/2012 15:00pm
    Nikon D80: tips for using your digital camera

    So you think you know how to use your Nikon D80? Like many of us, you may have a DSLR or compact system camera but tend to use only a handful of your its features.

    In our ongoing review of some of the more popular current and ‘out of date’ Nikon cameras, we want to help you better harness the creative potential of your camera.

    Still life photography: Linus Lohoff’s ‘Constructed’ pictures

    | Long Term Photo Projects, Photo Ideas | 14/03/2012 14:45pm
    Still life photography: Linus Lohoff on his 'Constructed' pictures

    The photo-sharing website Flickr is known for catapulting a number of photographers into internet stardom, and Linus Lohoff is one of the latest.

    The German photographer has been inundated with emails and picture requests after a series of his images was recently featured on the Flickr blog. Lohoff’s series, dubbed “Das gebaute Bild” (The Constructed Picture), was part of a photography class project at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences where Linus studies graphics design.