Photographing the moon: how to set up your camera for the best results

    | Night, Photography Tips | 14/06/2013 12:18pm
    Photographing the moon: how to set up your camera for the best results

    Photographing the moon is always tempting for photographers, but getting sharp images with your telephoto lens and mid-range DSLR isn’t always easy. In this quick guide our technique editor explains how to photograph the moon and get the best results with what you have.

    Star Trick: how to make fake star trails in Photoshop

    | Photoshop Tutorials, Tutorials | 29/03/2012 16:00pm
    Photoshop Effects: how to fake star trails in Elements

    Previously we showed you some of the common errors of night photography and how to fix them, and specifically within that tutorial we talked about making star trails. Now that you’ve had some time to try and achieve the effect in-camera using a long exposure, we thought we would show you how you can fake it and make star trails with a lot less hassle.

    Capturing the movement of the stars across the night sky would normally involve exposures of several minutes, but on a digital camera this can result in unwanted noise. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to take a sequence of shorter exposures (of around 30 seconds each) and combine them into a single image in Photoshop.

    Take fantastic creative photos in low-light

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Take fantastic candle-lit portraits

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Candlelight portraits make great subjects. The warm glow of candlelight can instantly create an aura of mystery or seduction, and give you flattering, focused and romantic looking images – so why not find a model, hunt out some candles and experiment?