A layman’s guide to ND filters

    | Photography for Beginners | 05/04/2014 00:01am
    How to set up and use a variable ND filter: step 2

    What is an ND filter used for – and how should you use it? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about some of the equipment.

    There are a number of things you need to consider when purchasing an ND filter, and in our latest layman’s guide to fundamental gear we answer some of the most common questions photographers have.

    Urban photography: how to blur people in busy city scenes

    | Photography Tips | 23/02/2014 00:01am
    Urban photography: how to blur people in busy city scenes

    A great way to add drama to your urban photography is to add motion blur to pictures of busy city scenes. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up your camera and use an ND filter to allow you to use a slow enough shutter speed to do so.

    Using ND grad filters: how to fix murky foregrounds and over-exposed skies

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 21/08/2013 11:00am
    How to use an ND grad filter to preserve detail in your landscapes: step 4

    ND grad filters are some of the most indispensable photo accessories for landscape photography. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to use a graduated neutral density filter to stave off over-exposed skies and dark foregrounds.

    Best Graduated Neutral Density Filters: 6 models tested and rated

    | Accessories, Reviews | 18/02/2013 11:30am
    Best graduated neutral density filters: Cokin P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

    What are the best graduated neutral density filters on the market? We take six of the top graduated ND filters on the market and put them to the test to find out.

    10 tips for using your 10-stop ND filter

    | Photography Tips | 28/09/2012 11:24am
    10 tips for using your 10-stop ND filter: everything you need to know to ensure sharp photos

    Because you can’t see through a 10-stop ND filter, they are not the easiest accessory to use. But once you know how to use a 10-stop ND filter correctly, it can totally transform your landscape photography and open up a world of creative possibilities. Here’s a simple method for ensuring sharp shots with your 10-stop ND filter

    4 tips (and a cheat sheet) for choosing the best ND filter

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 03/08/2012 11:00am
    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: 4 tips for deciding which one is right for you

    ND filters are sold in different strengths, and different scales are used to measure this. Some use an NDxx number, others refer to optical density, and some refer to the light reduction in EV or ‘stops’. Below we’ve served up four of our best tips for choosing the best ND filter for your DSLR.

    Mmm… Ocean Blur: take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 30/07/2012 11:58am
    How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 8

    Timing is key to shooting great seascapes. You need to be there at the right time of day, but just as important is the timing of the exposure. For a raging, stormy sea, a fast shutter speed can be appropriate, but with calmer waters, the best approach is to take it slow. Very slow. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to take control of your camera to take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of.

    How and when to use ND filters (and what the numbers mean)

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 05/07/2012 04:00am
    When and how to use ND filters

    Have you ever wondered how pro photographers capture movement in their landscape shots to produce soft, blurry clouds and misty waterfalls? Are your long exposures just not delivering the same effect? Chances are that those pro images have been shot using a neutral density filter. These dark filters are designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor in order to increase exposure times, without affecting the colour of the image. But how do you know when to use ND filters?

    Long exposure: how an ND filter clears crowds

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 09/03/2012 11:33am
    How to remove crowds with a long exposure

    While you can achieve a long shutter exposure easily at dusk and dawn, what if you want to use a long exposure during the day? The trick is to get yourself a strong ND filter (neutral density), which cuts out nine or 10 stops of light.

    A long exposure can create milky water effects and is great for waterfall pictures, as well as blurred clouds in when shooting landscape photography; but that isn’t their only use. A long exposure is also handy for making moving subjects ‘disappear’ when you shoot buildings, street scenes or architecture. Sometimes it’s great to include people in a scene to give a sense of scale or location, but they can be distracting if you want a clean composition.

    Photo ideas: long exposure landscape photography

    | Photography Tutorials, Tutorials | 05/08/2011 16:28pm
    Photo Ideas: long exposure landscapes

    Tired of textbook landscape photos? Want photo ideas that offer you something a little more impressionistic? Then go slow and get moving. By using slow shutter speeds and moving the camera smoothly during the exposure, you can create striking abstract landscapes. Shoot handheld for unpredictable results or – as we explain here – use a tripod and move the camera in one direction for more defined scenic ‘streaks’.