Photo of the day: 25 June

    | Inspire | 25/06/2012 07:00am
    Digital Camera World photo of the day

    We love this perfect cheetah portrait. Not only is it beautifully composed and set off well against the blurred background, but it includes a very cute cub.

    Photo of the day: 23 June

    | Inspire | 23/06/2012 07:00am
    Digital Camera World photo of the day

    This is a beautiful capture of a stag silhouetted against the mist. It’s quite a captivating shot, so it’s earned its place as our photo of the day.

    Photo of the day: 19 June

    | Inspire | 19/06/2012 06:00am
    Digital Camera World photo of the day

    Click on the image to see our photo of the day in all its glory.

    In pictures: 31 great examples of birds in flight

    | Inspire | 23/02/2012 12:07pm
    Sparrow in Flight, by Tibor Jakab

    We gave you our top 10 tips for photographing birds in flight, now here’s some inspiration in pictures to get you raring to go out and snap some shots of your own.

    British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 now open

    | News | 21/02/2012 18:19pm
    British Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2012 now open

    British wildlife photographers have a chance to win a cash prize of £5,000 and their work showcased in a national touring photography exhibition as the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012 kick off.

    With an overall prize fund worth £20,000, entries have now opened for the 2012 competition. Winners and commended entrants will have their work showcased in a national touring exhibition, as well as reproduced in a book published by AA Publishing.

    Lone trees: 10 tips for more creative pictures of trees

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 13/02/2012 13:13pm
    Lone Trees: 10 tips for more creative pictures of trees

    The lone element in a minimalist landscape is hardly a new device. Popularised by the great painter and printmaker Edward Hopper, known for his solitary figures interacting with their environment, this great device has carried over into photography – particularly landscape photography.

    For landscape photographers, using a single tree as a point of interest in your photos can be a great way to add drama and scale to your images. But how can you follow this great tradition and take pictures of trees on their own that stand out from all the others?

    Below we offer 10 great tips for making your pictures of lone trees more creative.

    Wildlife category winners: Photographer of the Year 2011

    | Competitions, News | 13/12/2011 10:33am
    Landing time, by Mohd Nazri Sulaiman

    The best wildlife photos feature in the collection of winning photos in the Wildlife category of the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2011 competition

    Take fantastic dog photos

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:27pm

    5 pro tips for shooting birds in flight

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Swans and geese are not fast flyers and make ideal subjects on which you can hone your skills.

    Position your hide properly

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Prevent your subject from seeing and hearing you. Keep the noise and movement from you and your SLR to a minimum.