A layman’s guide to reflectors

A layman's guide to reflectors

What is a reflector and why is it an important tool for photographers? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about how to use a reflector. In our latest layman’s guide we answer some of the most common questions new photographers have.

6 ways to work a window for perfect natural light portraits

Window light photography ideas: step 6

Discover how to capture great natural light portraits with these six creative window light photography ideas…

Sunset photography: how to balance exposures and get accurate colours


Sunset photography is a favourite subject any time of the year. The rich colours, dramatic lighting and strong shapes they offer can produce stunning shots with little need for much effort or clever planning from you. However, you might find that your camera often captures pale imitations of the sunsets you see with your naked… Continue reading

5 ways to get natural skin tones in your portraits

5 ways to improve your portraits in an instant

Natural skin tones are essential to most successful colour portraits and they’re easy to achieve if you follow this simple guide.

Dynamic range in photography: how to capture all the tones in a scene

Dynamic Range: what you need to know about capturing all the tones in a scene

Dynamic range can make or break a photo. In this tutorial we explain how to check if you’re capturing all the tones in a scene and ways you can boost your dynamic range.

Natural light photography: how to find the right angle for your shot

How to shoot natural light photography in challenging conditions: step 6

Know how to work the angles and you can turn a difficult lighting situation to your advantage. We explain how the world can be your studio in this natural light photography tutorial.

Outdoor portraits: 6 tricks to make the most of bright sunlight

Outdoor portraits in bright sunshine creative flare

Who says you can’t shoot outdoor portraits on a sunny day? You just need to know how to work the angles.

6 flash alternatives you really ought to try


That pop-up flash on-top of your camera can come in very handy, but how about trying these alternatives that can help you produce more creative, atmospheric images? Our friends and guest bloggers at Photoventure run down some of the best options.

Behind the Image: Andrea Denniss on natural light and inspirational moments

Behind the Image: Andrea Denniss on natural light and creating inspirational moments

Sometimes a spectacular image happens when you least expect it. Andrea Denniss explains how when the perfect light, model and idea come together something magical takes place.

Outdoor photography: how to make the most of golden hour light

Outdoor photography: how to make the most of golden hour light

There’s no better time of day to shoot outdoor photography than during the golden hours. In this quick guide we’ll share some of our best golden hour photography tips and tricks, as well as advice on balancing exposures with bright skies and more.