24 hour landscape photography guide

    | Landscape, Photography Tips | 26/01/2012 10:20am
    24 hour landscape photography guide exposure darkscene

    Seize the day and get out there with your DSLR – from sunrise to sunset and into the dead of night. It’s your 24 hour guide to creative landscape photography…

    Add drama to landscapes in Photoshop

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 11/01/2011 12:06pm

    How to use the Photoshop curves command to improve the contrast and adjust levels Digital Camera’s 10-part series ‘Teach Yourself Photoshop’ builds into a complete video reference library. These easy-to-follow video guides will take you on a start-to-finish journey through perfecting your photos in the digital darkroom. In this video you’ll find out how to [...]

    Convert any landscape into an autumn scene: Part 2

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 23/10/2009 11:11am

    Watch part 2 of our video and learn how to convert a summer scene into an autumnal shot using Photoshop Autumnal hues can add a completely different feel to a summer shot, watch our video to find out how to convert a summer shot into a glorious autumnal picture. Learn how to use the gradient [...]

    Essential advice on carrying your tripod

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:26pm

    Lugging your tripod over field and glen between suitable shooting locations is tedious.

    Shutter speed tricks to improve your flowing water pictures

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    A photo of a running stream, a babbling brook or a cascading waterfall can be transformed from a mere snap into an atmospheric masterpiece.

    Take landscapes with impact

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Want to improve your landscapes simply and effectively? Of course you do!

    Get more from colour tones in your landscapes

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Get the most from landscape locations

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    A good tip for landscapes is not to rush into shooting on arrival at a location

    Add depth to your pictures by using different apertures

    | Photography Tutorials | 10/07/2009 14:19pm

    Once you take control of the aperture of your lens and choose where to focus the camera, you’ll be able to draw the viewers eye into the frame.