In pictures: 29 beautiful photos of roads and highways

Ruta 60, Igor Alecsander

Roads and highways often make irresistible subject matter for photographers. Whether they are long, straight and bleak or winding and tree-lined, images of roads can be among the most evocative of images. We showcase 30 beautiful photos of roads and highways.

In pictures: Your Facebook photos April 2012

Honeymilk Photography

A compilation of our favourite photos shared to our Facebook page from April 2012.

In pictures: Underwater portrait photography by Elena Kalis


Elena Kalis is a photographer based in the Bahamas who specialises in underwater portrait photography.

In pictures: 30 stunning cityscapes and skylines

Cloudy sky in Tokyo #3, Mitsu Miya

City skylines are at their most photogenic when they are set against the backdrop of dramatic skies; think dark clouds and dramatic sunsets/sunrises. This often makes dawn or dusk the best times to capture the most dramatic lighting for your cityscape.

In pictures: Creative film photography of the Eiffel Tower


Zeb Andrews reveals why he has chosen a selection of film cameras for his photography, and shares with us his photographic philosophy as well as eight of his creative photos of the Eiffel Tower.

In pictures: 22 photos of rainy days

Rain on Fifth Avenue, Luke Bhothipiti

Do you put away your camera on rainy days thinking that there’s no chance of getting a good shot? Hopefully the below photographs capturing the beauty of rainy scenes will change your mind. Next time the clouds roll over and it starts raining, get out your camera and take advantage of the weather.

In pictures: Easter Bunnies

the bunny - Marin Tomic

Happy Easter from the Digital Camera team!

In pictures: 26 beautiful bokeh photos


‘Bokeh’ is taken from the Japense word meaning ‘blur’ or ‘haze’. It refers to the aesthetic quality of a blur in photographs and has become a popular and desirable effect. We’ve hand-picked 26 great examples of bokeh photography to inspire you.

In pictures: 30 fantastic forest photos

Sunlight - Hans Kruse

Photographing forests can leave many photographers stumped; dull lighting can often prove challenging, and as for deciding on the perfect composition it can often be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

So if you’re struggling for inspiration on photographing forests, the images below are fantastic examples of just how creative you can be. Forget boring tree photos – shooting forests can yield some of the most versatile and creative results in landscape photography.

In pictures: Inspirational photography from around the world


If you’re looking for inspirational photography, Digital Camera magazine features ‘Hot Shots’ from our gallery each issue. Here are the fantastic images that were chosen for issue 123.