Photo of the day: 2 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

Our photo of the day today is ‘Bad Girl’ from ‘irass’. Another great example of macro photography – the spider is perfectly crisp, while the area surrounding it is blurred, creating a nice ‘bokeh’.

Photo of the day: 1 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

As well as being a well-timed and interesting picture to view, ‘Oops Sorry!’ by Rzley is a good example of documentary-style photography. The viewer is left curious about the story behind the image.

Photo of the day: 31 May

Photo of the Day, 31 May

‘City Night of Hong Kong’ was taken by Lee Yiu Tung. The extreme perspective of the buildings against the light-trails of traffic passing by make this image a great city scene.

Photo of the day: 30 May

Digital Camera World photo of the day

‘Prisoners of the Dusk’ by justeline has been one of the most popular images in our gallery, and it’s easy to see why.

Photo of the day: 29 May


‘The Dark Hedges’ by Tommy McDermott is breathtakingly eerie and undoubtedly benefits from being black and white.

Photo of the day: 28 May

Digital Camera World photo of the day

‘Robber Fly’ by irass is a stunning example of excellent macro photography.

Photo of the day: 27 May

Digital Camera World photo of the day

‘Late Night in Vietnam’ by Jpharmd is a great example of street photography and projects the atmosphere of the moment. This picture is particularly helped by its composition, which follows the rule of thirds.

Photo of the day: 26 May

Digital Camera World Photo of the Day 26 May

‘Ad Versus Reality’ from George Donciu represents a recurrent theme in modern life; the image of perfection so often portrayed in today’s media is contrasted here against a ‘normal’ pedestrian.

Gallery: 27 fantastic examples of tilt-shift


Tilt-shift is a popular style of photography that has increased in popularity in recent years. Taking pictures of images from a height or at a distance with a tilt-shift lens gives the illusion that large subjects are small and toy-like.

Modern architectural photography from Johannes Heuckeroth


Johannes is an architectural photographer based in Germany. Through his photography he is able to draw the viewers’ attention to the curves and lines of modern architecture, forcing people to view these buildings from a unique perspective.