Photo of the day: 9 June


‘Tomato Soup’ by Shootn made us hungry for tomato soup and white bread the moment we saw it. It’s a great still life photograph, and it’s evident that the photographer has taken care to consider the layout of this image down to the small details. For us, the streak of sunshine falling over the bowl really adds an additional warmth and ‘friendliness’ to the feel of the photograph.

Gallery: Our favourite photos from May

By Brendan Cullen

May has been an active month on our Facebook page. Along with discussions on photography, links to fascinating photography sites, blogs, and videos, people have been sharing the best of their photography with us. We thought that they were definitely worthwhile sharing, so we have put together a gallery of our favourite photographs that were shared to our Facebook wall.

Photo of the day: 8 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

Christmas Night by ‘polinabrz’ is a stunning outdoor portrait. The sharp focus contrasts with the soft bokeh of the twigs and branches draw your eye to the model’s eyes in the centre of the image.

Photo of the day: 3 June

Digital Camera World photo of the day

‘Playing with Fish’ by anne73 is our photo of the day. It is often difficult to get close enough to photograph kingfishers without scaring them away, and that is if you are lucky enough to see one. This photographer was exceptionally lucky to be able to capture a shot of this kingfisher with its catch.