Cowboy life: A photo series from Todd Klassy

by Todd Klassy

Todd Klassy has captured the real working life of ranches in Montana. His photography is beautiful and captivating, but also serves an important role in documenting the lives of working cowboys and cowgirls, whose ways of life are dying out due to advances in modern technology. Here, Todd talks about the story behind the photos.

Gallery: Our favourite photos from June

By Wide Angle Vision Photography

June has been an active month on our Facebook page. Along with discussions on photography, links to fascinating photography sites, blogs, and videos, people have been sharing the best of their photography with us. We thought that they were definitely worthwhile sharing, so we have put together a gallery of our favourite photographs that were shared to our Facebook wall.

From sunrise to sunset: 32 fantastic photographs

Dutch Sunrise - Sander van der Werf

Sunset or sunrise can create some of the most spectacular skies, giving fantastic opportunities for landscape photography. Make the most of any early morning mist that rolls in when photographing sunrise, while sunset tends to offer the best opportunities to capture silhouettes.