A layman’s guide to depth of field: how to check and affect sharpness like a pro

A layman's guide to depth of field: how to check and affect sharpness like a pro

One of the first steps toward taking more creative photos is learning how to control how much of your picture is in focus. In this quick depth of field tutorial we show you how to check and affect sharpness, as well as answer some of your burning questions

10 camera techniques to master in 2014

10 camera techniques to master in 2014

While it can take years to master the camera techniques you need to take amazing images, whatever your skill level and whatever you choose to shoot, it often pays to keep things simple. Here we’ve put together 10 essential camera techniques every photographer should master.

How Live View autofocus works: what your camera’s manual doesn’t tell you

Contrast AF vs Phase detection AF: key differences explained

When you switch your camera to Live View, the image is no longer reflected up into the viewfinder or down on to the phase-detection AF sensor. It passes straight through to the sensor, which relays the image ‘live’ to the LCD display on the back of the camera. The image on the sensor is also used to check and adjust the focus. In this tutorial we’ll explain just how your camera’s Live View autofocus works and how you can use it to ensure optimum sharpness.

Beginner photography tips: common problems with focus and sharpness

Beginner photography tips for getting sharp images: set a higher ISO

In our latest Shoot Like A Pro series we take an in-depth look at some of the most common problems that plague new photographers and explain some simple methods and jargon-free beginner photography tips for avoiding them. This week we turn our attention to focusing and maintaining sharp images.