10 camera techniques every beginner photographer should learn

What is shutter speed: everything the beginner photographer needs to know

While it can take years to master the camera techniques you need to take amazing images, whatever your skill level and whatever you choose to shoot, it often pays to keep things simple. To help you along we’ve put together 10 essential camera techniques every photographer should master.

150 photography tips for planning, composing, focusing and exposing images

150 photography tips for planning, composing, exposing and focusing images

To help you get the most from your photography time, we’ve come up with our list of the top 150 photography tips and techniques to help you get better images. You’ll find all you need to know here, from the basics of setting up your camera and planning your shoot, to how to achieve well-exposed and sharp shots with the minimum of fuss.

Manual focus for the 21st century: live view, electronic viewfinders and focus peaking explained

How to use Manual Focus

Thankfully a few recent advances in technology can make accurate manual focusing of your camera a bit easier than it used to be. Our head of testing explains all…

35 things photographers do wrong (and how to stop doing them)


It’s impossible to learn the art of photography without making a few mistakes along the way, but if you find yourself doing the same things wrong every time you pick up your camera, it’s probably worth getting to the bottom of it.

Focus Stacking: how to extend depth of field in Photoshop

Focus Stacking: how to extend depth of field when shooting close up

Shooting anything up close requires incredible patience and extreme precision. If your close-up photography isn’t sharp then you’re not only wasting pictures, but you’ve wasted hours of your time. In this in-depth tutorial we’ll show you how to use one of the most amazing Photoshop effects macro and close-up photographers can use: focus stacking.

How to take creative control over focus with any subject

Creative Focus: camera tips for static to spontaneous subjects

In today’s world of responsive technology, shooting successful imagery has never been easier. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, a jostling Fleet Street photographer would have had no choice but to focus camera manually in the photo scrum, as would sports photographers. Can you imagine tracking a fast-moving tennis pro without lightning-quick… Continue reading

Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

Every photographer aspires to shoot professional-looking images, and in this in-depth tutorial we reveale the recipe that makes up all good outdoor portrait photography, offering expert photography tips on everything you need to know about this subject, from composition and kit to camera tips, flash techniques and more. We’ll start by covering the equipment you’ll… Continue reading

5 quick tips for using fast lenses

5 quick tips for using fast lenses: speedy glass

A major bonus of fast lenses is that they allow you to use faster shutter speeds in low light, fending off the problems of both camera shake and motion blur, the latter of which can’t be fixed with any amount of optical image stabilisation.

How to use a single AF point for sharper focus (free cheat sheet)

How to use a single AF point for sharper focus (free cheat sheet)

Your camera will focus automatically as soon as you press the shutter button, but what’s it focusing on? That’s the question you need to ask yourself, because it won’t always pick the subject or area of the picture that you want it to. In this photography cheat sheet we explain how to use a single AF point to achieve sharper focus.

6 things you didn’t know about autofocus, but probably should

Making the most of your range of AF points: Auto select

Many photographers take their camera’s autofocus system for granted because it’s very effective in so many situations… but what if it gets things wrong?