100 free Photoshop textures to download

Free Photoshop Textures: Pack 5

Our friends at Practical Photoshop have been giving away free Photoshop textures every Tuesday. They’ve been so popular the team has very kindly agreed to share them with Digital Camera World readers as well!

Below you can find a sampler of each of the 10 packs of free textures and direct link to download them today.

Free portrait photography cropping guide

Free portrait photography cheat sheet: guide to cropping portraits

Portrait photography is challenging for a whole host of reasons. Getting your portrait right in-camera is only half the battle. Knowing how to edit your portraits can be quite difficult when it comes to cropping a photo. Cropping in an awkward position on your subject can end up ruining a perfectly good shot.

In the latest of our photography cheat sheet series of free infographics, we’ve put together this easy guide for understanding some of the best places to crop a subject in a portrait, and some of the places where you should not. ‘Yes’ areas are marked in green, while ‘bad’ locations are marked in red.

Photography Basics: understanding exposure

Photography Basics: understanding exposure

Do you view your memory card as half empty or half full? Don’t let poorly exposed pictures get you down. In the latest of our infographics that aim to explain some photography basics in a different way, we’ve provided you with this useful chart for understanding exposure. Someone very clever on our team had the idea of comparing exposure to filling a cup with water.

Drag and drop this graphic on to your desktop and start getting better exposures today!

Free Photoshop CS6 Preview edition for iPad

Free Photoshop CS6 Preview edition for iPad

A free public beta version of Photoshop CS6 has just been released by Adobe, and the team behind Practical Photoshop magazine have put together a special iPad digital guide to mark this momentous occasion.

We’ve put the software through its paces to bring you the key new features and tweaks of the world’s leading piece of image-editing software plus an in-depth rundown on technical specifications and hardware details as well as opinion from industry experts.

You can download the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Preview for free through Apple Newsstand.

Free f-stop chart: master your aperture

Best lens: tips to choose the ideal optic for your camera

One thing we consistently hear from people is confusion about aperture and just what exactly those numbers mean. Understanding aperture can take some time for a beginning photographer, but hopefully we can speed this process up for you! Inside is a handy f-stop chart put together by our friends at N-Photo, which you can drag and drop on to your desktop.

Win Photoshop Elements 9

Get your hands on the latest photo editing software from Adobe by answering one simple question Photoshop Elements 9 is Adobe’s latest photo-editing software. A pared down version of its bigger CS5 brother, Elements 9 still packs some impressive stats including a version of CS5’s Content Aware. If you’d like to get your hands on… Continue reading

10 free photo grids for Photoshop

Free photo grids for Photoshop

Download these creative free photo grids and give your digital pictures a stylish finish in Photoshop and Elements

Multi-photo grids are a great way of presenting a collection of themed shots, or for framing one picture in a creative new way. Here we’ve created 10 free photo grids, featuring a range of designs and framing options. Each template comes in A4 size with pre-defined grids ready for use with Photoshop and Elements – just add your own pics.

25 free triptych photo frames for Photoshop

Free triptych photo frames

Download these 25 free triptych photo frames and give a creative finish to your photos in Photoshop and Elements.

Three is the magic number, especially when it comes to photography. Using just three elements in a picture can help you create a balanced frame. Triptychs take this idea further, giving you the space to tell a story across three panels or simply showcase one photo in a very different way.

Here we’ve created 25 free triptych photo frames, featuring a range of edge treatments and designs. Download them and try them out in Photoshop of Elements – they’re JPEGs so they will work in other imaging software too.

50 free photo frames and borders for Photoshop

50 free photo frames and borders for Photoshop

Download our fantastic free photo frames to add to your pictures in Photoshop and Elements

Adding frames or borders to your pictures in Photoshop is a great way of giving them an artistic finish. Here we’ve created 50 free photo frames, ranging from distressed edges to classic black borders, for you to download and use on your digital photos. Don’t forget to upload your results to our Facebook wall!