Time lapse photography: how to shoot stunning sequences without any hassle

Time lapse photography: how to shoot stunning sequences without any hassle

Watch almost any natural history program these days and you’re likely to see a time-lapse photography sequence. Whether it’s showing a cloud rolling quickly over a mountain range or flowers coming into bloom, the technique has become widespread.

Extreme flower photography! Slam dunk your stems for dramatic effects

Photo Ideas: how to shoot extreme flower photography

Water is a wonderful subject to photograph. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re using a slow shutter speed to create a zen-like stillness or a super-fast exposure to capture the action of falling drops. Here, we’ve given both water and flower photography a twist, resulting in flower photography that really makes a splash.

Frozen flower photography: the perfect rainy day photo project

Frozen flower photography: the perfect photo idea for rainy days

Freezing flowers is a great way to give your flower photography a chilling and painterly look. It might seem a bit odd to encase a delicate flower in a heavy and harsh block of ice, but the cracks, bubbles and other imperfections created by many gradual layers of frozen water can actually give your subject a lovely impressionistic quality.

9 creative photo ideas to try in June

Photo Ideas for June: macro photography

As part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we’ll be publishing some fun photo ideas to inspire your imagination.

Below are 9 top photo ideas to try in June, which range from spring flowers and insects to getting creative with your camera to play with perspective and make your own abstract art.

We’ve provide some amazing images and quick photography tips by photographers who are experts in these fields. And be sure to come back at the end of the month and share what you’ve done on our Facebook wall!