Flash photography tips: external flash techniques anyone can understand

A cheat sheet for getting the best results possible from your external flash

In this post we run through some of the most effective techniques for using your external flash unit, the most useful accessories, set-ups and more. We’ve also provided a couple handy flash photography cheat sheets to help illustrate the techniques we’re talking about.

How to balance ambient light with flash

How to balance ambient light with flash

Many camera and flashgun combinations do a great job of producing images with exposure that’s nicely balanced automatically in a wide range of situations, but if you want to take more creative images or be able to assume control when the automated systems fail, you need to understand how to do the work yourself. Here, we explain how to balance flash with ambient light.

Photo Recipes: Scott Kelby on how to blend light sources


In his series in Digital Camera magazine and Digital Camera World, the legendary Scott Kelby reveals some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of some of his favourite images. This month Scott explains how to add just enough flash to enhance a portrait but retain a natural look. Words and images by Scott Kelby. You can follow Scott… Continue reading