Master fill flash in 4 easy steps

Master using fill flash

Flash can be essential in low light, particularly when you’re shooting living subjects. But it often ends up being a necessary evil, killing the atmosphere. Ironically, flash is often of more creative use in the hours of daylight.

Sometimes called ‘synchro sun’, and better known as ‘fill flash’, a burst of artificial light can be effective in practically any outdoor situation. What’s more, you don’t need any specialist kit – you can make do with the pop-up flash that comes built into most popular DSLRs.

Replicate a fill-flash effect in Photoshop

Find out how Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter can be used to add a fill-in flash effect to under-exposed portraits When shooting a subject with the sun behind them, or stood against a bright, illuminated background, a little fill-in flash is essential to balance the exposure of your image. Without the powerful light produced by the… Continue reading