Gigapixel camera for consumers just 5 years away

World's first gigapixel camera revealed

Researchers have created the first gigapixel camera and claim it could be brought to market for consumers in as soon as five years.

Enginners from Duke University and the University of Arizona synchronised 98 tiny cameras into their prototype, which produces a resolution five times better than 20/20 human vision over a 120-degree horizontal field, according to reports.

112-megapixel camera captures starry skies during the day

Spectral Instruments 1110 series camera is capable of capturing starry skies during the day

An Arizona company has launched a super high-resolution digital camera that is capable of photographing a starry sky in the middle of the day.

The 1110 series from Spectral Instruments boasts a 112-megapixel CCD sensor measuring 95 x 95mm, which are extremely light sensitive and can take exposures lasting hours without recording any noise.

The company says its 1110 series cameras have a dynamic range so big that they can photograph both the sun and the stars during broad daylight.

Waterfall pictures: set up your DSLR to shoot moving water

Waterfall pictures: set up your DSLR to shoot moving water

Waterfall pictures are some of the most satisfying subjects you can shoot with your digital camera. However, the fast moving water throws up some challenges for photographers.

Often, exposures end up disappointing – you may have set the wrong shutter speed, for instance, and won’t get the traditional blurred-water effect in your waterfall pictures. Other times the exposure ends up being too dark or light, due to having to cope with the combination of dark rocks and bright, foamy moving water.

6 simple tips for better pictures of planes

Action photography tips: 6 ways to get better pictures of planes

Pictures of planes, like pictures of birds, can be incredibly difficult to capture, if not more. Their size and speed can lead to shots with awkward compositions or poor focusing, let alone exposing against a bright sky.

Inside we offer 6 of our best tips for getting yourself into position and your digital camera set up ideally to take top-notch pictures of planes in flight or on the ground.

Video: Olympus OM-D E-M5 hands-on review

Olympus OM-D revealed

In between Strictly Come Dancing revivals at Focus On Imaging we managed to get some time alone with the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

The 16-megapixel E-M5, announced last month, is the first camera in the new Olympus OM-D line – with rumours of an OM-D Pro possibly to come.

Watch our initial hands-on review of the Olympus OM-D, with a full review to follow soon.

Lytro: photographers will soon shoot Matrix-style videos

Lytro photographers soon to shoot Matrix-style videos?

Makers of the Lytro camera claim that soon Lytro photographers will be able to shoot slow-motion, wraparound video such as those seen in the Matrix movies.

The Lytro camera, which takes pictures in which photographers can change the point of focus after the fact, was announced late last year. The Lytro light field camera achieves this effect by capturing the entire light field within a scene, which includes the direction of individual rays as well as the colour and intensity of light.