Nikon P7700 review

Nikon P7700 review

Our photography testing team puts the Nikon Coolpix P7700 through rigorous lab and field tests in their new Nikon P7700 review. Watch the video review below to hear their verdict!

Nikon Android camera: the Nikon S800c review

Nikon Android camera: the Nikon S800c review

Nikon was the first major camera manufacturer to introduce a compact camera powered by the Android operating system, announcing the Nikon S800c shortly before the Samsung Galaxy Camera was revealed. Here Amy Davies of our testing team takes a look at what the Nikon Android camera has to offer in our Nikon S800c review.

New Nikon Coolpix P510 offers 42x zoom

Nikon Coolpix P510 offers 42x optical zoom

The latest Nikon Coolpix camera, the Coolpix P510, features a 42x optical NIKKOR zoom lens that extends from 24mm wideangle to 1000mm.

Sigma DP2 Review

All makers but one use single-layer sensors, where the red, green and blue pixels are laid out in a pattern and the colour information for each pixel is interpolated using information from its neig

Sigma DP2

Megapixels alone don’t guarantee image quality.

Ricoh G600 Review

If looks counted for anything, the Ricoh G600 would be the toughest camera around.

Panasonic Lumix FT1 Review

At first sight, Panasonic’s FT1 looks the nearest rival to Olympus’ mighty Mju 8000. It’s a similar size, weight and shape and is also waterproof, shockproof and operable down to -10 degrees.

Ricoh Caplio R5 Review

However, with that portability comes an almost universal frustration in the shape of a virtually ubiquitous 3x zoom lens, which fails to supply a decent wide-angle view at one end of its range or g

Sony Cyber-shot H2 Review

Like last year’s H1, Sony’s second generation bridge camera has a touch of the Flash Gordon about it.

Sony Cyber-shot T10 Review

Upgrading last year’s almost identical-looking Cyber-shot, the similarly flat-faced T10 snapshot brings another million pixels to the party, crammed on to the same physical size chip.