Close-up Photography: creative ideas for photographing everyday objects

Close-up Photography: creative ideas for photographing everyday objects

How can you make small things look good? The secret to creative close-up photography isn’t in the things, but in how you approach them. And especially how you frame them.

Learning lists of rules can help you think about photography, but they can be more confusing than useful while you’re trying to do it. Aim instead for the sweet spot between theory and practice, and you can make both work well for you. In this guide we’ll explain some easy ways to strike that balance with your close-up photography and show you how to make interesting pictures from just about anything.

8 things every insect photographer must know

Insect Photography Tips: fill the frame

Whether you shoot insect photography or not, when you’re working with tiny subjects, it’s almost impossible to point, shoot and come away with good results. You really need to think about composition and lighting, and also about the way you behave around nervous wildlife such as insects.

Inside are 8 crucial tips every photographer should know when trying to shoot insect photography outside of a controlled environment.

Photo ideas: miniature food landscape pictures

Photo ideas don’t come much more entertaining than this. The idea of placing model figures in amongst ingredients can transform a meal into a miniature landscape. Fry ups turn into meat safaris and soup bowls become steaming savoury jacuzzis. Of course there are many other everyday household objects that make excellent settings for macro scenarios, but food is ideal. It can be easily sculpted and is instantly recognisable. Here, that great British staple, bangers and mash, works a treat as the Smash instant mash mix could be easily manipulated into the shape of a mountain. But there are many other areas in our daily life where miniature adventures can take place – all you need is a little imagination. Here are some photo ideas to give you food for thought…