Canon EOS 50D: tips for using your digital camera

    | Photography Tips | 19/08/2012 08:00am
    Canon EOS 50D: tips for using your digital camera

    Are you in love with your camera but stuck in the same features and modes? As part of a new series on Digital Camera World, each weekend we’ll profile a new camera, tips for using it new ways, hidden functions you might not have known about and pictures illustrating how to do it all. Some cameras may be current models, some may be classics and others may be long out of date, but a classic to those who still use them.

    Sound good? Good. Now let’s take a closer look at the Canon EOS 50D…

    Canon EOS 7D video review

    | SLRs | 25/01/2010 10:43am

    We give you a detailed rundown of the camera’s new features and improved controls. The Canon 7D, launched in 2009, sits firmly between the Canon 50D and the Canon 5D Mark II, between the pro and amateur range, but which one should you go for? At first, the 7D would seem to have more in [...]