Master group indoor group portraits

Take your sharpest photos ever

From tripods to cable releases, we give you the best advice to help you take the sharpest shots ever There’s nothing better than checking the LCD on your camera after a shot to reveal amazing composition and light. And there’s nothing worse than checking the sharpness back home on the computer and seeing a blurred… Continue reading

Capture stunning urban light trails

Choosing the right location to shoot is important at night.

Get more from colour tones in your landscapes

Creative ideas for dramatic photos

Take fantastic candle-lit portraits

Candlelight portraits make great subjects. The warm glow of candlelight can instantly create an aura of mystery or seduction, and give you flattering, focused and romantic looking images – so why not find a model, hunt out some candles and experiment?

Shoot amazing slow motion shots

While it’s important to pursue pin-sharp shots, intentionally blurring parts of a scene, or the whole picture itself, can lead to a more expressive image.

Add depth to your pictures by using different apertures

Once you take control of the aperture of your lens and choose where to focus the camera, you’ll be able to draw the viewers eye into the frame.

Take better RAW photographs today

Most cameras on the market can shoot in RAW, and even the smallest compact has to shoot RAW before it can process JPEGs.