Digital camera effects from A-Z

Digital camera effects from A-Z

26 digital camera tricks and techniques to help you get more creative with your DSLR. From abstracts to zoom bursts, there’s sure to be an in-camera effect you’ll want to try.

Photoshop is great for enhancing and adding effects to your images, but nothing beats capturing it all in-camera in the first place. With that in mind, here’s our A-Z of 26 fantastic effects and tricks you can try with your digital camera.

Photo tutorial: how to take a light reading using grey card

Photo tutorial: how to take a light reading using grey card

Everyone, of any ability, who has taken a picture with a digital camera knows that getting the tones right will make or break your image. Choosing the right part of a scene to meter from is crucial, but how do you which part of the scene is best?

When taking a light reading you want to find a midtone somewhere in the scene, or even just out of the frame. This could be light-coloured foliage, or even a Caucasian face. However, sometimes there won’t be anything around that’s the right tone for you to take a light reading. In these instances, using grey card can help you achieve perfect tones.

Set up your camera

Set up your camera

Hit the ground running with our guide to setting up your new SLR, including choosing the right exposure mode, choosing the right metering mode, setting the aperture and shutter speed, and picking the the focus and drive modes

DSLR video: a beginner’s guide to shooting HD

Shooting HD video with a DSLR? Don’t know where to begin? Here, we answer all your questions – from choosing resolution to editing software options

Digital camera tips: how to clean a camera lens

<Camera lens cleaning – so much more fun than sensor cleaning… In this tutorial, we'll show you the lens cleaning kit you need and how to clean a lens properly

Photo ideas: photographing water splashes with flash

In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need:

A glass container

Photo ideas: shoot creative light spirals at home

In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need:

A small torch

What is a histogram: how to prevent poor exposures

Digital camera tips - histogram - good exposure

What is a histogram and why do I need to use one? Histograms can be your biggest asset once you get your head round what they are. In this primer we explain how to use your camera histogram to get the best exposure

Your camera histogram is a much more accurate way of judging whether a shot needs a bit more, or less, exposure. But it’s not just used for judging exposure: the shape and position of the histogram’s graph can also tell you about the contrast of the lighting in a scene. Below we’ve tackled some of the frequently asked questions about histograms to get you started using these helpful graphs to avoid poor exposures.

Mountain biking photography tips

Moutain biking and cycling photography tips

How to photograph mountain biking like a pro: learn the camera skills and cycling photography tips and techniques that will give you professional-looking photos.

Shoot amazing cat portraits

You’ll need plenty of patience before you start shooting.